Andrea Klimko Academia | Online RIBA compliant CPD certificates and courses. ABE, CIBSE, CIoB, CIPHE, IoE, RICS approved courses.
Online RIBA compliant CPD certificates and courses. ABE, CIBSE, CIoB, CIPHE, IoE, RICS approved.
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Andrea Klimko Academia - Helping architects & industry professionals reach the next step.

Awarded Architecture

Andrea Klimko Architects (AKA)© is an international award-winning boutique architect firm with its head-office located in Bratislava, Slovakia and branch offices in over five countries. We have designed small family homes to large business complexes and holiday resorts in countries like the United States, Austria, United Kingdom, Oman, Malaysia, China, Cyprus, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, to mention a few.


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BIM Design & Construction

Our in-house team can run and manage full turn-key solution in design, build and construction from start to finish.


We are at the forefront of technological innovation. Paramount to this is a commitment to BIM (Building Information Modelling). BIM is a process of designing a building collaboratively, using one model of the building rather than sets of separate drawings.


3D BIM allows a virtual building model to be created, from which all of the building information can be extracted and shared with other consultants, affording clients a variety of benefits. We use 3D BIM Level 2 on all projects and have done for over a decade.

WA Foundation

Andrea Klimko is the founder of the non-profit organisation Women Architects, in support of female architects throughout the world. The foundation organises exhibits, training seminars, presentations, award presentations and media engagement to the talent pool found in women architects.


Andrea Klimko is an award-winning international architect offering solutions within architecture, engineering, construction, design and education.



Our award winning architectural company has completed design, engineering and construction turn-key projects in over 15 countries around the world.



We have designed, managed and constructed apartment complexes, holiday resorts, family homes, hotels, schools, apartments, interior design, sports centers, offices, factories, mixed-use buildings and more.



Our architectural designs and construction projects can be found in countries ranging from the United States, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Oman, Uganda, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and United Kingdom.


Satisfied Customers

Our architect firm maintain excellent and continued business relations with our happy and satisfied clients, who often return to us and provide client referrals.

Helping architects, engineers and builders access affordable CPD education.